Queuer guide

Communicate with teams instantly by just tapping a button.

The basics

FRC Queue is a communication & queue management app that provides teams with more information than ever. It will empower you to create the best queuing experience possible at your next event.

As a Lead Queuer, you will have access to the management interfaces within the app for your event. These pages control what teams see on the external facing dashboard and when they are notified to queue for their matches.

This system is in beta- expect details covered here to change based on feedback from 2022 trial events.

Try a demo

You can create a demo event in FRC Queue to experience the system end-to-end before you use it at a real event. Log in using the button in the top right and then tap "Try it out!"

Want to start over? Return to the queuer dashboard and tap "Reset demo event" to restore it back to its original state.

Tasks panel

The tasks panel is always available on the main queuing dashboard by tapping the megaphone icon. It provides step-by-step contextual guidance on using FRC Queue during events. Start here and complete each blue task in order to queue the entire event using FRC Queue.


The chart below covers the overall process of using FRC Queue at an event. Excluding the steps related to SMS notifications, these steps are essentially the same as using traditional queuing methods- but instead of dealing with paper schedules everything is managed directly within FRC Queue. This information is provided to give an overview of the FRC Queue process before the event. Once at your event, refer to the tasks panel for contextual guidance.

Tap on any step below for more details.

Prepare required hardware

Some venues require two queuers to check in teams (e.g. red & blue). In this case, two mobile devices with field-side internet connectivity are required.

Queuer interfaces are optimized for tablet-sized screens, but are functional on phones as well.

Work with event organizers to arrange field-side Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is unavailable, consider these alternatives:

If a reliable internet connection is not available near the field, using FRC Queue is not possible.

Print team handouts

To collect team phone numbers in order to notify them when it's time to queue, FRC Queue can generate a printable document that includes a half-sheet handout for each team.

Each handout includes context, URLs to learn more, and a QR code unique to each team. Teams can scan their QR code in order to add up to five phone numbers to be notified.

The handouts can be printed immediately, or you can "Print to PDF" in order to transfer this file to another device.

An extra handout is generated for Pit Admin. If they receive any questions from teams, they can refer to this handout.

Support phone number collection

Once at the event, arrange for the team handouts to be distributed along with other materials upon check in (if available) or distribute them manually to each team.

Teams that have not yet submitted any phone numbers are displayed in yellow on the "Phone numbers" management page. Before matches begin, follow up with these team to ensure they are aware of the system and how to set it up. If a team is unable to submit any phone numbers, decide on an alternative method of communication.

If a team loses their handout, their QR Code can be displayed from the "Phone numbers" management page.

Import practice schedule

If your event is running scheduled practice matches, the schedule must be manually imported into FRC Queue.

If the practice schedule is posted to frc.events, it can be directly copied & pasted directly into the manual import field within the "Matches" management page.

After importing, confirm the queuing time for the first match on the "Matches" management page (generally 15 minutes before the scheduled match start time). This time will be displayed on the public queuing dashboard.

Queue practice matches

During practice matches, it is key to provide teams an as-similar-as-possible experience to real matches. Queue matches in exactly the way you will during qualifications.

To assign a filler team to a station, tap on the station chip on the dashboard and then select the filler team. Filler teams will be automatically checked in.

Add filler practice match

If there is no practice match schedule or if extra time remains in the allotted practice time after all scheduled matches have completed, unscheduled filler-only matches can be added to FRC Queue.

From the match management page, tap the "Add filler match" button.

Let the scorekeeper know they can view the full list of teams in each match from the public queuing dashboard available at frcqueue.com. They will need to enter filler teams into FMS before each match.

Import qualification schedule

Once qualification schedules are published to frc.events or The Blue Alliance, the schedule can be imported to FRC Queue.

On the "Matches" management page, tap the "Import matches" button.

After importing, confirm the queuing time for the first match of each day on the "Matches" management page (generally 15 minutes before the scheduled match start time or 10 minutes before the start of opening ceremonies, if occurring). This time will be displayed on the public queuing dashboard.

Also confirm and update any breaks in the schedule as necessary (e.g. Lunch).

Queue qualification matches

On the dashboard, each match will have up to one applicable action that can be tapped to progress the queuing process.

  1. Queue now: Advance the state of this match to "Queue now". If the šŸ“¢ icon is displayed, any non-checked-in teams will be notified via SMS.
  2. On deck: Advance the state of this match to "On deck". If the šŸ“¢ icon is displayed, any non-checked-in teams will be notified via SMS.
  3. On field: Advance the state of this match to "On field". This should be tapped as soon as the previous match is complete and the field reset signal is given, i.e. when this match is allowed on the field to set up.
  4. Advance queue: Advance the state of this match and up to the next 2 matches. This will be the primary action you take in the midst of queuing matches. Other actions will only be needed when queuing begins or ends for a block of matches. If the šŸ“¢ icon is displayed, any non-checked-in teams in the next two matches will be notified via SMS.

Only one match can be in each of the "Queue now" and "On deck" states at the same time.

The cycle time is configurable from the "Settings" page. This value is used to estimate queue times for matches that are displayed to teams, so update it as necessary to match the target cycle time of the field.

Once a team arrives at the field, tap their team number on the dashboard to mark them as checked-in. Tap again to cycle the status to "human only" if the team has not yet arrived with their robot.

Check in team representatives

After the last qualification match has queued, all teams can be notified to send their representative for alliance selection. Make sure every team is present by checking them off in the alliance selection management page.

Generate playoff schedule

Once qualification matches are complete, tap the "Generate playoff schedule" button on the "Playoffs" page to create a blank playoffs schedule. This schedule will be populated with teams in the next step.

Import alliances

On the "Playoffs" management page, tap the "Import alliances" button to automatically import all alliances from The Blue Alliance. The teams for previously generated quarterfinals matches will be automatically updated.

Alliances can also be entered manually into FRC Queue. On the "Playoffs" management page, tap buttons within the alliances table to set the team.

Queue playoff matches

Playoff matches are run in the same way as qualifications.

Once the playoffs reach the semifinals stage, notifications for each match will no longer be sent since teams need to immediately queue for their subsequent matches. The final text message sent to these teams will notify them of this fact.

Advance alliances

Once an alliance has won enough matches to advance to the next tournament level, tap the yellow arrow next to their alliance in the bracket section of the "Playoffs" page. If a best-of-three set does not go to a third match, it will be automatically removed from the schedule.

Send feedback

After the event, please file Github issues for any bugs or difficulties you encountered. If you have any feature requests that would improve the team or queuer experience, please submit those as well!


Match replays

If the FTA determines a match must be replayed at a later time, go to the match management page and select the "Schedule replay..." option.

Poor cellular service in pits

If the venue does not have sufficient cellular service in the pit area, that's okay! SMS notifications are only one feature of FRC Queue that can be disabled if the venue does not support it. You can still use the queue management features & the team facing dashboard. FRC Queue can be combined with traditional communication methods whenever necessary.