2022 Trial Report

FRC Queue being used to input filler teams into FMS
FRC Queue being used to input filler teams into FMS at the Texas Robotics Invitational

What is it?

FRC Queue is a communication & queue management app designed to improve the team experience at FRC events.

How does it work?

Teams sign up to receive queuing notifications via SMS and/or Slack. Lead queuers control queuing at events from an internet connected mobile device.

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How does FRC Queue improve the team experience?

Where has it been used?

Nine events during the 2022 offseason used FRC Queue, reaching almost 300 teams. More than 17,000 text messages and 1,000 Slack messages were sent to queue 626 matches.

Event Location Teams
Texas Robotics Invitational Houston, TX 28
Chezy Champs San Jose, CA 39
CalGames Pittsburg, CA 36
Minnesota Robotics Invitational Roseville, MN 36
Tidal Tumble Ventura, CA 32
River Rage Manchester, NH 32
STEMley Cup Hamilton, Ontario 25
Overtime Hamilton, Ontario 21
Beach Blitz Mission Viejo, CA 42

What was the feedback from teams?

97% of post-event survey respondents recommended FRC Queue be used at future FRC events (n=97). Only 1% of respondents responded negatively to questions about their queuing experience at events that used FRC Queue (n=107).

Anonymous comments from selected survey respondents:

FRC Queue is amazing. Every event should have this. All of the team always knew when matches were happening and nobody missed any timings for anything.

OMG every event should use this! We linked the app to our slack channel and we all knew when the robot needed to be checked in, and that the drive team checked in and when to watch the round! LOVED it!

OMG SOOOOOOO much better!! I loved that we had both SMS AND a [team] specific web page!

What a great idea for larger venues or venues where the pits are not right by the field...like Worlds!!!

What was the feedback from queuers?

FRC Queue was used by both inexperienced and very experienced lead queuers.

Selected comments from queuers who used FRC Queue at an event:

Finally got to use this at STEMley Cup. I not only want this for events. I NEED THIS FOR EVENTS!

This system is amazing in so many ways. I heard not one negative thing about it. … I’d invest in this system for any event at which I’m a lead queuer. Once this leaves beta, everyone should push their events to implement this.

Overall, I am very glad FRC Queue was at TRI. … If I had the option to pay for the text costs out of my pocket but have the system at my events in the future, I would do it without thinking twice

I fully endorse this to event coordinators looking to improve the team and volunteer experience around queuing. It can help keep an event on schedule or ahead of schedule.

What are the hardware/venue requirements?

The lead queuer needs 1 mobile device with internet connectivity near the field. Venues with multiple queuing entrances (red/blue) need an additional device.

For queuing notifications, pits need sufficient cellular coverage. If this is not available, traditional queuing announcements can be made instead. The queue management features of FRC Queue can still be used.

FRC Queue can use the FRC API to retrieve team lists and qualification match schedules. No continuous data feed from FMS is required.

How is PII handled?

FRC Queue dashboard displayed on a TV during double elimination playoffs at Tidal Tumble
FRC Queue dashboard displayed on a TV during double elimination playoffs at Tidal Tumble